Paresh Karkhanis (Business Consultant, FirstData Canada)

    • First impression of Rushabh is that he is well-read, thorough and professional in his finance field.
    • His knack of explaining tedious financial terms is unique and simple at the same time.
    • He has great sense of responsibility while handling our financial matters.
  1. Midas Finance advise us apporpriate strategical financial planning and investment of our retirement funds. This ensures regular flow of income and no adverse effect on our financial-life-routine due to cessation of our monthly salary income.
  2. Rushabh always goes out of way to satisfy all our queries and ensures client's interest first beyond his personal gains.

Chirag Ganjawalla (CA, Hari Bhakti)

MF: The most stand out thing about Rushabh is that he studies the portfolio of the funds, sector outlook, fund manager's potential, and other factors which play a vital role in perfomance of fund. This is where an advisor actually play a role.

Equity: With the usual fundamental research becoming a minimum requirement. I like Rushabh's vast knowledge in technicals. He comes up with all sorts of chart analysis & suggests entry & exit points for F&O. I have learnt options trading solely due to him!

I haven't met any other young & dynamic portfolio manager as good as Rushabh.

Himanshu Sanghvi (Third Engineer Officer At MSE)

When you have someone who is a 'perfectionist' in his work then you don't need to worry about investments. It was always on my mind to start savings for myself but never had a right direction on how to start with it but the way Rushabh explained about the investment schemes he has in MIDAS for me made my life easy. The words were easy to understand for a person like me who knows nothing about investments. The way Rushabh explained about savings were very much to the point and also practical where he understood my needs, requirements and concerns which are used as the basis for options that are proposed. MIDAS is a place where nothing is taken for granted and you will always feel safe with your hard earned money.

I have used MIDAS with regards to arranging my future demands of a better home and financial security as my work does not provide me with it. The amount of time and energy spent by MIDAS for your safe future is worth every single penny you invest with them. If you are looking for a financial advisor for your needs and also committed to being with you as a long term partner then MIDAS FINANCE is the right place for you.

Vishal D Gohil (Commercial Specialist,SITA)

I was always skeptical in putting money in securities market for long term because of the uncertainties and the chaos around it. But after meeting Rushabh, who patiently heard my concerns and took them into consideration and advised to invest in mutual funds hand picked by him and after learning about the advantages of investment in mutual funds which was very well explained, i got confidence and Rushabh also helped to align my investments with my future goals.

Also the process was hassle free, thanks to his team who addressed my queries and request promptly and are always available to address my concerns. Through Midas finance and with the help of Rushabh i have started my journey in security markets

Nilesh Mehta (Businessman, Founder : Metal Bright)

Thanks to Midas Finance/Rushabh Shah for the time you spent advising and explaining for how my investment should be handled. Was not aware about the many options stock market provides and I'm extremely satisfied with the quality service that you have provided in selecting the right investing options.

Srinidhi Shetty (Co - Founder - Clover Entertainment)

Karishma (Architect , Mother)

Neelkanth Pagedar (Co- Founder: Nemesis Culture Lab)

Romit Doshi (Exports, Airavat Imports)

Mr. and Mrs. Karkhanis (Retired Couple)

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